Zoltan Kaprinay gave a sold-out lecture on company building at the Spinoff Club of Széchenyi University

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The aim of the Spinoff Club at the Széchenyi István University in Győr is to encourage its students to start their businesses, shape their mindset, and provide perspective for them. As part of the program, Zoltán Kaprinay who has been involved in the founding and leadership of companies such as Index.hu (Hungary's biggest online news portal.), A38 Ship (Cultural entertainment ship with a concert hall, restaurant, bar, terraces, and lounge. Voted as the best club in the world by readers of Lonely Planet), Bónusz Brigád (Ffirst and still market leader Groupon-type e-commerce marketplace), and Creative Dock Hungary (Venture builder company, building products and services and boosting companies), gave a highly successful, packed lecture on his methodology for building companies and sustainable and innovative business development. Students will expand their business knowledge in the spring through additional programs.

Picture of Kaprinay Zoltán

Zoltan Kaprinay

I'm Zoltan Kaprinay, a serial entrepreneur, innovator, builder of several successful businesses, and founder of index.hu, Bónusz Brigád, and CreativeDock Hungary. As a business sparring partner, I help senior executives, businesses, teams, and top leaders develop skills and achieve business goals.

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