User Experience

User Experience

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Yesterday, listening to my friend István Kolozsi 's presentation at the IVSZ Smart conference, I realized how much I miss such presentations at conferences.

I'm biased because customer-centric business management, product design, etc., are my passions, but Kolboid's presentation nicely highlighted the gap between product creators and users—even today.

This gap usually exists because designers often think they know better. Even if they conduct research, they don't personally experience the user experience. They don't understand the service users' driving forces, motivations, and pains.

I've been working with István for a long time to create the best possible customer experience. Since I met him 11 years ago at the predecessor of this conference (right, Mátyás Dobó?).

Our task is to design and bring to life services, products, and companies built around the users, serving, motivating, and inspiring them in the most entertaining way possible—the customers.

Because the customer comes first.

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