They jumped into the dark and it worked - interview with the founders of the Bónusz Brigád

Bónusz Brigád

A former Hungarian journalist from Slovakia and a screenwriter who returned from America had an idea, and two and a half years ago, they rewrote the domestic practice of online commerce and marketing. Both of them took a leap of faith when they left their former jobs at 19, but eventually, they succeeded in creating the largest domestic social shopping platform. They are the founders of Bónusz Brigád.

Picture of Kaprinay Zoltán

Zoltan Kaprinay

I'm Zoltan Kaprinay, a serial entrepreneur, innovator, builder of several successful businesses, and founder of, Bónusz Brigád, and CreativeDock Hungary. As a business sparring partner, I help senior executives, businesses, teams, and top leaders develop skills and achieve business goals.

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