The time


Time has always intrigued me. At least ever since childhood, my sister read a book about stolen time.

Since then, much time has passed

I've come to understand the present and the past and also that both the past and the future happen in the present. But we can only view both through the prism of now.

Recently, I heard a discussion on the radio about time, specifically related to the perception of it in a study. The essential finding was that in adulthood, it's not that we have less time; rather, our perception of time changes.

A cartoon was edited to the same length in two ways. One version was eventful, the other mundane. Preschoolers found the eventful one longer because they could tell more stories about it, while adults found the mundane one longer because it was boring.

Somewhere between childhood and adulthood, our perception of time shifts.

This finally explains the wisdom I found in my dad's notebook, filled with notes from his military service: that married men live longer, or at least it seems that way to them.

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Zoltan Kaprinay

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