The power of community

The power of community

"Humans have an innate ability to organize systems, which, when there are at least two of them, starts to work. As a result, humans engage in joint actions in the environment of their peers, make joint social constructs (like deciding how to do things), and create and adopt shared beliefs - this is our genetic heritage," says ethologist Vilmos Csányi.

Two weeks ago, the professor spoke at Internet Hungary about the evolution of human and animal communities. I think everyone, but I was particularly struck by his lecture on the question of what kind of communities we live in today, whether closed groups in the traditional sense still exist, or whether we are moving full steam ahead towards a world of one-person communities.

Vilmos Csányi has been giving lectures on the development of one-person cultures for many years. Still, perhaps the most topical thing to talk about now is the home office in a world where the home office is spreading at an incredible rate, and the individual's loneliness has become one of the most significant global challenges. The development of personality is hugely influenced by who we meet, work with, and interact with on a daily basis. In a business/workplace, I think having a natural, strong community with a defined dynamic, with team players and leaders, is important.

But how can I shape the community and let it shape me in the right direction? What is the basis of a good workplace community, and what is an excellent leader who can bring it together? These are precisely the questions that a cohesive, constantly evolving community can answer in the long term. In this type of group, I believe loyalty and trust in each other can develop, which are the most essential foundations for running and sustaining a business. Interestingly, a quote from Sándor Márai has also recently emerged: to overcome the crisis, we must also think and act in the community. For me, there is no question that community (whether at work or in the family) has enormous power, and it is worth considering how much of this can be felt by the members of the organization or company who are facing unprecedented challenges every day.

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