The good leader

The good leader

Since Bruno Bettelheim, we know that you don't have to be a perfect parent. It is enough to be a good enough parent. As a father of four and serial entrepreneur, I wondered whether the same was true for leaders.

What does it mean in practice to be a good enough leader?

A good enough leader certainly does not believe he or she is the only one who can do everything. He has confidence in his colleagues' abilities, including his decision to surround himself with the right people.

He knows his colleagues' strengths and weaknesses. He does not expect unrealistic performance or results and does not place burdens on others who are not comfortable with them in the long term.

He also knows how his colleagues can best fulfill their potential. He recognizes that exploring the feelings, fears, and potential of others requires much more attention and patience.

I once had a boss who, after several successful years together, gave me a task that didn't draw on my strengths at all but would have required a set of skills I lacked. When I had been stumbling around for a month and had not delivered the expected results, he called me into his office and apologized. He had made a mistake: he had given me the wrong task.

A good enough leader dares to make mistakes and makes them. By acknowledging these, he can create a safe atmosphere. This opens the door to innovation to the development of ability and talent.

If you can keep colleagues safe while allowing them to see their lives and the challenges ahead as play, you are a good enough leader.

*Bruno Bettelheim: ​​A Good Enough Parent (1987)

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