Artificial Intelligence

Mesterséges intelligencia

Yesterday, in excellent company, we tried to illuminate the opportunities, worlds, and challenges offered by hashtag#AI from as many perspectives as possible. We may have succeeded in broadening our horizons through our shared thinking.

The seriousness of the topic is evident, as we spent the most time discussing the impact of such a significant expansion of artificial intelligence on our children. How long can we maintain our critical thinking, essential for navigating this new world?

Thank you to the participants for accepting the invitation and honoring the joint event of Creative Dock Hungary and Ipsilon Group with their presence.

Edit Blaumann, Gergely Dee, Csongor Fekete, Mariann Forgács, Gábor Haász, Zoltan Kalmar, Gergely Kiss, Anton KOVACH, Ákos Kozák, István Mag, Donát Posta, Gergo Radnoczi, Lotar Schin, Csaba Schuck, Attila Tiborcz, Dr. – 阿提拉, Adam Zebegnyei, Várkonyi Balázs

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I'm Zoltan Kaprinay, a serial entrepreneur, innovator, builder of several successful businesses, and founder of, Bónusz Brigád, and CreativeDock Hungary. As a business sparring partner, I help senior executives, businesses, teams, and top leaders develop skills and achieve business goals.

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